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Runny Nose.

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Adult Guinea Pig
Mar 23, 2011
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So I was holding George a few minutes ago, and I noticed that his nose was runny. He sneezed once too. I haven't noticed any other signs of illness from him, but after losing Podge at the beginning of this month, I really can't deal with another health scare, or death. I called and scheduled an urgent appointment tomorrow. Are there any chances that Piglet could catch whatever he may (or may not) have? Should I request antibiotics for Piglet, just in case? If tomorrow, he seems fine, no sign of runny nose, should I just cancel the appointment? I have no experience with URIs, but he doesn't have crusty eyes or anything else.
With a watery runny nose, it doesn't need necessarily be a URI; it can just be an irritation in the nose. However if the running and sneezing persists, you need to see a vet.

URI is infectious, but healthy piggies with a good immune system can usually fend it off. You cannot give antibiotics as a precaution.

I hope that it isn't going to be serious. Whatever it is, you are a very caring mummy and have caught it early anyway. ;)
He is completely fine! I'm assuming right now it was some kind of irritation that caused the runny nose. However, I will also keep an eye out just incase something is up.
I wouldn't worry too much, I have had many piggies with a little runny nose or the occasional sneeze that has turned out to be nothing, as it can be with humans.
I wouldn't necessarily rush him to the vets if it might stress him out, often with a URI you can hear the signs of blockage in the lungs if you hold their chest to your ear and it sounds a little wheezy.
I would make sure he is nice and warm and spoilt with plenty of fresh foods and water and he should be completely fine.
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