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Rusty Is Sick Just Like Lillith Was. Vet Was No Help.

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Jun 29, 2012
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Hi everyone, so I'll just get right to it. Rusty is sick and showing the same signs Lillith did before Lillith passed and I'm super worried. The vet was NO help at all and I'm so mad. I took Rusty yesterday and she was xrayed but I dont even know. Apparently shes got a tiny little bladder stone that wasnt even really addressed. Shes full of gas. but Rustys always been gassy so I have no idea whats wrong!
Rusty wont eat or drink. All she's doing in sleeping. There was red urine where she was, but my mom gave her an apple, but were pretty sure Allie ate it. Her poop was a bit runny. The vets sent me home saying I need to be feeding her just hay and she needs to go on something called clinic/critical care and if she wont take it I need to syringe feed her. I'm SUPER worried and I dont think I can afford another 250$ vet bill! (133.40 pound.) Do you guys have ANY advice for me. I'm going to get this clinic care from the petstore once I'm finished typing this.
I'm sorry she is poorly.

Did the vet give any pain relief? if she has a stone pain relief is important. Are they going to do anything about the stone do you know?

Did they mention a product called Cystease at all or Glucosamine? they can be used to help coat the bladder wall and reduce inflammation.

Here is our hand feeding guide which should help you with the critical care:


Has the vet suggested anything for the gas?
I agree with the above. Do you have her on any gut stimulants?

She you well pass the stone if it is small but to help with this her water intake needs to be upped. I would suggest syringing her 50ml of water in a couple of sittings to get things flushing through.

I would suggest also seeing a more piggie savvy vet.

I'm not a lot of help. Sorry.

I am very sorry about poor Rusty. I agree with @helen105281's advice. The gassiness/bloating also needs addressing. Zantac is usually prescribed for that. Vibrating/gentle massaging can help to break up the gas; a car journey or an electric tooth brush can help with shifting the gas.

Concentrate first on reducing the gassing/bloating (as serious bloat can kill) and only then on the bladder stone/infection/inflammation. Did your vet tell you how big the stone is? Either bloat or the stone can cause major pain/discomfort and as a result, loss of appetite.

Your vet was completely right though in ordering Rusty off any fresh food and just onto fibre; it is also imperative that you hand feed . You can mush up pellets as well if the Critical Care doesn't go down well or mix the two. it is very important that the guts are kept going but that they are rebalanced again. Please read our hand feeding guide. it explains everything step by step and also tells you how much and how often to feed in which situation. It is very important that you also water her, as much as she will take, every few hours. You may also want to put some brown cardboard or toilet roll inners in the cage, as nutritionally poor rough fibre is what piggies crave when recover from a gut problem or an operation.

In the medium term you want to look at low calcium diets; we can help you on that score in order to minimise the risk of reoccurring stones.
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