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Salvatore And Princess

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Pat Shields

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Jun 27, 2011
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USA MO, Ft. Leonard Wood area
Hello, one and all! Finally got everything up and running for a while, and I have some photos of Salvatore and our new friend, Princess. This past Tuesday, May 12, I got a call from my veterinarian asking if I still wanted an older female small dog. I had been looking for one to keep company the chihuahua I rescued in Nov. 2012, "Goober", the one that had been left in a house to starve. The vet had rescued another Chi in February; this dog's owner had died and the family didn't give a damn about the dog so they just left it in the house. The neighbors got it out of the house and brought it to the vet. It couldn't even walk, poor thing. The vet saved it, and it rallied, and finally she could send it to a new home. I said, "Sure", so I took Goober for a "meet and greet" visit. This poor little dog was WAAAAAAAYYYYYY smaller than what I was looking for; Goober weighs about 4.54 kg and I was looking for one about his size and a female so she wouldn't wee all over everything. This tiny, tiny doggie weighs only 1.47 kg. Not what I was looking for, but she needed a home and I had room for her, so I took her. Somehow she got the name Princess, so that is what we are using for a while.
What has any of this to do with Salvatore? Well, he weighs about 1 kg, so this dog is nearly the same weight as he, not even twice as much as he. Here are some photos of the two of them. At least I think that I can show the photos, I have to figure out how to put them on here.

Princess sniffing Salvatore


Princess not liking Salvatore


Princess and Salvatore expressing their opinions

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Aww bless her she is tiny. Poor little girl. I would say Salvatore is definately not a dog lover. Lol.
Aww, bless!

Lovely to you and Sal again Pat x
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