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Scab - Healing Or Not?

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Jan 12, 2015
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Stuey has a small scab on his nose after fighting with Poe.
It seemed like it was going away, the scab fell off and it looked pretty healed but this morning I noticed it has a bit of pus so that it looks kind of like how a zit looks. Is this normal? or is pus a sign it could be infected?
Please have him seen by a vet; the pus is a sign of an infection/potential abscess and will require an antibiotic.
thank you, thats what i thought, however (and this is my parents question) as Pus is a sign of the body fighting infection, if it is literally a tiny spot, could it heal on it's own?
Pus is indeed a sign of infection.
However Guine pigs have a different response to infection than humans.
So when a guinea pig gets pus - you need to be concerned. and seek veterinary help/antibiotics immediately.
Even a tiny spot of pus is not the same as in humans and it will NOT heal of it;s own accord.
Ok thank you for that advice - I will definitely take him to get looked at by a vet. Poor Stuey...thank you! x
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