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Scratching And Biting Themselves.

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Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 14, 2014
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Hi guys, I feel like I'm being a bit of a hypochondriac, but today my two girls seem to be biting and scratching themselves a lot more than usual.
Now, I have put a lot more hay in their cage as bedding today along with carefresh bedding (which I use normally anyway) as their fleece is in the wash.
I just wondered if it could be this? Or maybe something to worry about like mites?
Sorry to be a pain but I can't help but worry about them, especially with them just recovering from an illness.
If you are worried it is best to get them checked by a vet, it could be nothing, but it could be mange mites (under the skin so you can't see them), hay mites or lice or even fungal. If you have had the heating on lately it is a prime time for fungal to make an appearance.

Can you see any bald patches or hair that is broken half way down the shaft?
Hi, thanks for replying!
I've looked them both over throughly and neither of them have any bald patches and their fur seems in pretty good condition.
Another thing is they seem a bit more agitated today, moaning at each other and just not wanting to be as close to each other as usual.
They could be uncomfortable if there is a skin condition brewing which would make them irritable.
It can be just dry skin from having the heating on. Just keep an eye on your girls and see a vet if it goes further or doesn't go away on its own. As a very observant mummy you often notice things very early on before it becomes clear as to what you are dealing with.

Please be aware that you will always find things slightly wrong with their behaviour when you look very closely. Your girls may be uncomfy or one of them could be coming up to having her season.
Thank you Wiebke, I think I may be over thinking this a bit, I think maybe the heating may have been irritating them a bit along with the mass of hay I gave them. I've taken some of the hay out and they seem a lot calmer today, but I will keep an eye on them :)
I just love them both so much! I don't have children so this mummy feeling is all new and weird!
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