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Selfie Fail.... Or Would This Be... A Groupie? Lol

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Jennifer D

Teenage Guinea Pig
Nov 21, 2014
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Alberta, Canada
My sister refuses to buy me a selfie stick ;) Hahahaha! I'm totally kidding though; I would be too self conscious to use it lol! Anyways, it's been a crappy few months and not just because of the losses of my little piggies. But I think everything is what you make of it, so I'm determined to be a bit more cheerful! Trying anyways! Went riding tonight, which was fun, but alas, I'm going to have to make a doctors appointment because I'm convinced I did something to my ankle when I was trying to kick a straw bale out of the ice :( Straw bale-1 Jennifer- 0. I'm hoping it's just a sprain or something but it's already been about three weeks and I've not really seen any improvement and I couldn't put weight on it when I was riding tonight :( The bright side of that is.... I didn't fall off? Lol. Work has been decent! I like working in the smaller kennel as most of the time it just seems like I'm doing housecleaning with 40 dogs trying to "assist" me :) Most of them are pretty good dogs though. There's only one that I refer to as "the shark" and we're starting to make some headway in our understanding of each other ;) Anyways, I tried to take some selfies of Nick and I tonight, but seeing as my arms are short and his face is big... well, it could have gone better! Hahahaha!

Great photos! Is Nick your horse? I have two ponies, I adore them but they are such hard work!
They are far better than any selfies I take. Nick is a handsome big lad.

Hope your ankle is feeling better soon.

Beautiful photos @Tim, looks like your niece had a great time.
Wonderful time thank you, we'll be going back! Dolly (the horse) has a great temperament and loves to nuzzle up with anyone close by, so friendly :)
Yes they are expensive. I have not had a holiday in 15 years because the "holiday budget" goes on the ponies! Mine are just hardy native ponies though so they are a bit tougher and cheaper to keep!
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