Shadows adventure


Junior Guinea Pig
Sep 11, 2020
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So I keep my piggies in a carrier while I do my weekly cage clean. Rusty doesn’t mind it, he just lays and naps so I figured shadow would be fine. Anyway, I begin cleaning and all is well. I then hear rusty screaming bloody murder so I (thinking he managed to hurt himself) ran over to him. I immediately notice shadow is gone (and rusty is not hurt, just a tattle tale). I begin searching for shadow and finally find him in his new tube. I put him back in the carrier,thinking I just forgot to zip it. As I watched him, he put his paws in between the two zippers and unzipped it! I tied them together and went back to cleaning only to hear rusty yelling a few minutes later. Shadow managed to escape again by chewing through the mesh part. So I put him in a box (about 1 foot deep) aaannd he climbed out. Long story short he ended up in the tub I keep my hay bag in, along with some blankets of course, and I’ve bought a mini cage just for him and his precious tube. He earned himself the nickname of Houdini because of how he manages to escape from everything.