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Jan 28, 2015
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North Yorkshire,UK
Since before Christmas I have been saving money here and there and have now started to save any pocket money I get to go towards a shed for my guinea pigs. Our current shed is a 8x6ft shed and filled with "shed stuff" and it is a mess. My parents think I won't save up enough money to get a new shed let alone a bigger shed then the one we already have but that's what I want to do. I am currently saving for a 8x8ft shed which would be spilt down the middle with about a 3ft high wall of plywood to create two 8x4ft sections to the new shed. I looked on the internet and found a shed of the right size with a floor for about £280.00 but I can't find what website it was on so there goes that shed... anyway I would now like to build a shed of the size I want but I will need help with plans and how to design the shed. I already want to use the old plastic panes from the shed we have at the minute to make Windows by cleaning them up and maybe dividing them into six to then seal wood around them and add hinges to allow me to open the Windows and have mesh on the inside of the shed window. We have 3 plastic panes which I would use to create three new Windows that open up. I have created some designs that I will link etc but I am on my tablet at the minute so I will do it tomorrow. I also want to create an add on run but it would need to be dog proof and not allow the dogs to see the guinea pigs. To finish this long ramble my dad doesn't want me to have a permanent run as he thinks the dogs will get to the guinea pigs and eat them but if I show some plans etc he may change his mind. Thanks for any help or even just kind, encouraging comments. :) :D
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