Should i get another ginuea pig?


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Oct 4, 2020
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So I already have one ginuea pig that I have had for 3 years alone (a female)and I feel kinda bad like I need to get a another one to keep it company. However I'm worried about the extra cost and the limited cage space I have. Should I definitely get another one or can the one I currently have be ok by itself? Also I feel like the one I own rn is getting lonely and I'm worried about that cuz I here they can die from loneliness


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Aug 2, 2018
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piggies are highly social herd animals and should not be kept alone. so, yes, getting her a friend will be highly beneficial to her lifelong well-being.

the extra food costs involved in having two piggies are minimal. The biggest expense will be upgrading your cage and setting aside a bit of extra money for vet fees. Two sows need a cage of a minimum size of 120cm x 60cm, but 150cm x 60cm is better. Although 120cm x 60cm is also the size for a single piggy (if a bond breaks or fails for example and they have to be separated) so provided your cage is that size then you won’t need to upgrade. If your cage is smaller than that then it is isn’t suitable for your current piggy even if she was to remain on her own (which is not advisable).

however, you can’t just go and buy another piggy, put them together and expect it to all work out fine. Character compatibility and mutual liking is the key to a successful bond and the key to finding a suitable friend is to go dating at a rescue centre. That way she can choose her own new friend.
If dating isn’t an option due to you not having a Centre who offers this service, and you do then buy a piggy on spec, then you need to follow the correct procedure for introducing them (neutral territory etc - the bonding guide below explains) but also a plan in case of failure (which is a separate cage so they can live next to each other but separately but so they can communicate through the bars which will prevent loneliness). You will also need to check the sex of a new piggy yourself to ensure you don’t end up with a mixed sex pair

ive added in some useful guides below

Cage Size Guide
Single Guinea Pigs - Challenges and Responsibilities
Sows: Behaviour and female health problems (including ovarian cysts)
Bonding and Interaction: Illustrated social behaviours and bonding dynamics
Dominance Behaviours In Guinea Pigs
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