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Should I Get Another Piggie?

Should I get a male guinea pig?

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Polly and Rosie

Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 13, 2014
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I have 2 nervous female piggies and I really wanted to get a neutered male. How much does neutering cost? Is it succsesfull?How is it done?
Many thanks,
Where are you located? Many UK rescues now have got a boar neutering policy. You are usually requested to pay a donation that covers a neutering op at rescue discount partially or fully, so you get a boar more cheaply, hassle-free and already safy to go with girls; the usual fee for a neutered boar is £30-50, depending on the rescue. The rescues we recommend usually allow you to bring your own piggies to date under expert supervision, so you only come home with a "Mr Right" of their choice at no risk to for you or your own girls.

If you want to neuter yourself, you have to research for either a general vet with plenty of practice in piggy neutering or a small animals specialist with experience in small rodent ops, as that is vital in cutting down on especially post-op recovery and complications. You also have to factor in a full 6 weeks post op wait until your boy is 100% safe to go with the girls. I have the baby from a supposedly safe over 5 weeks post op boar ( not one of mine) living with me, just to prove that particular point! Operation cost can vary enormously depending on the clinic, but they should be able to give you an estimate beforehand.
Thanks. I was wondering how neutering is done? I don't want to stress my piggie out!:)
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