Should you go against getting Male guinea pigs?

Aug 9, 2020
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Male guinea pigs, also known as boars are for some reason told not to get by lots of people. Typically all guinea pigs docile, but of course can have fall outs. This though is for BOTH genders. So having male guinea pigs aren't the problem.

What shall you NOT do.
-Put 2 or more MALE guinea pigs with 1 or more females. It should be one male and a bunch of sows, NEVER a sow with a bunch of males. The reason I say this is because males will fight if more than ONE make is put with females.
- Not giving them enough space. A good cage for Male guinea pigs are the C and C cages and the Midwest guinea pig habitat( the one I have for my 2 piggies, Oreo and S'Mores. )
- Not bonding them, I got mine as literal babies, and they had already been together, so they did not need bonding. However this is NOT the usual case, if they are not already together you will need to bond them. Youtube has LOTSof tutorials on bonding, and from what I see it is a long, but easy process most of the times.
They aren't "aggresive" they are dominant wanting but that is ALL guinea pigs no matter the gender.

Male guinea pigs are an amazing choice and Female guinea pigs are an amazing choice. I do think that males are more territorial, but still just as loving to one another as females. My guinea pigs happen to love each other and still cuddle even though they are 4 months old. They also give each other "kissies" and groom themselves and the other piggy. They of course do humping, rumble strutting, and chasing too, but ALL guinea pigs(and skinny pigs) will do that. Most of the time they are friendly though. If you want a guide to owning MALE guinea pigs It will be posted on my page soon. I hope this helps you understand that owning male guinea pigs are just as cool and chill as owning females!


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Nov 1, 2013
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