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Skinny Pig Questions And A Quick Rant

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Aug 23, 2013
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Hi everyone

Another skinny pig rant i am afraid but firstly, how much did you buy your skinny pigs for? Or if you havent any yourself or rescued them, how much have you seen them advertised for?

I am looking at the local selling pages on Facebook (which is a rant in itself but lets not go there, i totally disagree with them and only look to see if i can rescue an unfortunate soul) and there are skinny pigs being advertised for £120 each...

I messaged the lady to make sure she rehomes to someone who knows how to care for them. I wish i could take her and rehome her myself but I'm going travelling and i dont have the right set up :(
If you are interested in skinny pigs and have the right set up to care for them (I think they need to be kept at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees?) then why not contact rescues and let them know that you are particularly interested in skinnies. You might have to wait a while for a suitable one to come up, but at least you would know you were helping a needy pig. Sadly with all the skinnies that I see on free-ads sites I don't think it will be that long before there are quite a few in rescues, as they are currently fashionable.
I particularly like teddies, and would hold out for a teddy pig or a pair to come up at a rescue.
With regards to fees, I don't see why the adoption fee for a skinny would be more than a regular guinea pig.
@Goth Mummy sorry to mislead didnt want to adopt, my 4 are enough work as it is! Thank you for the advice though..

i just wanted to see if £120 was an extreme amount for a skinny pig, haven't not bought or looked for one myself.
I have no idea about the going rate for Skinny pigs but I think its good that someone asks for that much. Then only someone who REALLY wants one will buy them, and not buy on impulse, for a kid or to feed their snake.
I used to have to go to a pet shop in my local town to get the food for my Axolotl as it was the place ive only place I've ever the food.
I walked passed some skinnies in their once and just out of curiosity I went and had a look because I'd never seen a skinny in person before, it's been a long long long time since I've been in there but I remember them selling the females at £100 and males slightly less I think. So skinnies seem to sell for about £100 in pet shops it seems!
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