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Sleep Tight My Queen Bea

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Lady Kelly

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Jan 11, 2011
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One of the first piggies I owned (or rather who owned me). Picked as a friend for Bumble who she lived with in rescue. She was a fully grown pig when I got her with a best guess of around 2 years old for her age. Bea had been with me for almost 4 years and has really blossomed, especially since she met her huspig Peter. When Peter moved in she went from grouchy lady to a big fluffy snuggle pig.

A fighter to the last battling renal disease, ovarian cysts and a possible abscess in the last few weeks. We went outside this morning and all 3 of your friends were screaming for attention where we found you slumped on your side unable to move your hind legs or lift your head. I feel so sad to have seen you change so quickly and when tempted with carrot you grabbed it and wouldn't let go despite not being able to eat it.

Bea you were a very special piggy and we both love you dearly. You will always be missed.



And a goodbye smile
Oh no I'm so so sorry, poor piggy and poor you. You are in my thoughts x
I'm so very sorry for your loss. She was absolutely stunning.

Sweet Dreams Bea x x
So very sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful little lady, and lovely photos. Bye-bye, sweetie.
I am very sorry for your loss! Queen Bea was stunning! The first piggies are always extra special... :(
I am really sorry Kelly. Bea was a lovely girl and had such a huge character, I loved reading about her and seeing her gorgeous pigtures on the forum. You have both fought her illnesses so hard, she was a real trooper. Huge hugs to you, I hope you are as okay as you possibly can be x

Sleep well stunning girl, you will not be forgotten

x x
Aw, bless her, what a grand age she lived to as well. There seems to quite a few forum members finding themselves in the same bereaved state since Christmas. Feeling sad for all of you xxxxx
What a lovely tribute to a very special girlie.......Rest well at rainbow bridge sweetheart...x
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