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Sleeping On Side?

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Dec 15, 2014
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Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
I'm still a fairly new guinea pig mum (7 weeks now) and one of our piggies, Polo, has started, we think, to sleep on her side in the hay (they both love the new hay we've got them). I'm assuming it's just her feeling more and more comfortable in her home but we just wanted to double check it's not a sign of illness. I've not noticed anything else, everything seems all normal and fine with her. I would have searched the forum for an answer but I'm on an antiquated computer at the mo and it seizes when I do searches! Thanks.
That shows she is feeling confident and relaxed. It is a very positive sign.
Noting to worry about! You have a confident and very relaxed piggy. ;)
Oh that's great! I can't believe how much she's improved in personality/well-being since we moved them into the C&C cage. We are just taking it easy with Polo and Tedee still (they can be a bit skittish sometimes) and it seems to be working. Thank you.
It just means that she is very relaxed... Linney used to sleep like that. She had apparently decided that no one was going to eat her and she wasn't going to worry! My other pigs lay down with their back feet sideways, but keep their heads up rather than laying their heads down too. I guess they are a little more vigilant than she was!
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