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Aww I wish it would snow here, the rain is just depressing. You should build a snowman :)
It is always lovely to see a white Christmas! Just hopefully not so bad to slow down traffic.
Snow really gets you in the spirit! Ey!
I love to see snow until the reality hits me and I realise I am going to have to either drive in really treacherous conditions and am probably going to have to abandon my car 2 miles away from my ponie's field and walk to them. In 2010 the snow was so bad that I had to drag water for the ponies on a sledge!

I also remember one of my colleagues told me that her guinea pigs froze to death at night during a snow fall so I always worry about outdoor pigs now.
I hate snow so much!

I wish we had tonnes Christmas Eve.. But it was gone by Boxing Day haha!

Getting around in snow is just the worst thing! I love Christmas, but not the whole snow part!
Heres my beautiful Domino in the snow :)


and my dog Dream
I'm always rushed off my feet at work when it snows, people cant keep their cars on the road!
Should we stay at home when it snows @BossHogg? Its what I always want to do, I'm terrified of driving in snow especially in the rural areas. If you tell me to stay at home then I can tell work that a real proper grown up told me it it was not safe to drive!
No no no no no and just no! No snow for the UK until I get my snow tyres on thank you very much! Particularly as my normal ones are almost illegal!
Well the newspapers were wrong - they were predicting snow-mageddon for the UK in November....
@AbiS are snow tyres a good idea? I have never had them - are they much different from normal tyres. I know we are not supposed to use snow chains anymore, I think that I read they damage the roads?
The police and local council always advises motorists not to travel during heavy snow. I patrol the second highest stretch of motorway in the country. The snow is horrendous up there every year! :eek:
Snow is both beautiful, exciting and terrifying all at the same time. (like the sea, or storms).
Will you have snow for a long time? In the UK it usually does not last that long - though in winter 2010/2011 it seemed to snow forever....
Oh don't get me wrong - I love the snow - so long as I dont have to travel in it but sadly I dont have the option if not going to work just because of snow.

@Goth Mummy - we had a vectra with no snow tyres I couldn't get up the hill to home if there was a tiny bit of ice so we bought a really cheap 4x4 (£800) and put snow tyres on - typically it didn't snow after that - except the day I thought the bad weather had definitely gone so I took the vectra out, got snowed in in the work car park and then crashed it trying to get out! We sold both cars and bought a decent 4x4 and am going to put snow tyres on next weekend so I will have yo let you know how I get in. However all my neighbours say snow tyres are good and they never got stuck getting up the hill and MrS put them on his van one year and said they really made a difference.
Thanks @AbiS
Its something I must look into as well - I have a Ford Focus now but last time it snowed badly I had a Fiat Punto and it was literally sliding back down the hill that I live on lol! All my neighbours came out to push me up!

We should have a thread for people to post their snow sculpture pictures - I made a snow horse one year but dont have photos. Those in the US and Canada and other cold places can start and if we get cold weather the UK people can follow ;)
Haha! I feel bad as you talk about snow, and I'm in the southern US! :D I'm here, enjoying the sunshine.
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