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Snuggly Pig

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Awww lovely! Both my girls never sit still. They're still pretty young though. :)
Monty is stunning! Amelia Jane never sits still but she is six and a half.
Monty is still young too, 9 months old now :) I think he's wired to be hyperactive for life though!

Aww. One of my boys were like that. Hyperactive constantly :) funny little character. My girls are 4 months ish.
Aww Monty is lovely! Shaun doesn't sit still at all but that might be a combination of him still getting used to me plus he's only young. Not sure what Joey's excuse is but he doesn't sit still for longer than a few minutes either! Typical boys? :roll:
A precious photo, Monty has lovely colouring
So cute! I've had some who were great lap pigs, and some who never sat still. Sundae is pretty placid and will sit on our knee. Hadley is still a baby, but she sits pretty well with me as long as it's quiet at the time. My kids tend to rile her up and she ends up all over the couch when they are around!
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