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Something Growing On My Pigs Nose?

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New Born Pup
Mar 29, 2015
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My guinea pig has this white stuff growing out the top of his nose. Not sure how to explain it so I've added a picture. Anyone know what it is?
We cant say for sure but it looks like boar glue stuck to his nose. We take it he is a boy or does he live with another boy?

Hopefully someone else will see this post and confirm this for you.

Lisa & Ali...
A male that is living with another male. Just googled boar glue! How lovely! I tried washing it off but it didn't come off so I thought it was actually attached.
It rather looks like "boar glue" (dried semen), which can be a real pain getting off without pulling out all hair. Boar glue really lives up to its name... :(
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