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Something Stuck On Teddy's Chin? Help!

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Cleve & Teddy

Junior Guinea Pig
Sep 25, 2014
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United States, Minnesota
20150330_233031.jpg So this is the second time I've noticed this happening in the past few months with only one of my two pigs. Teddy will have something sticky stuck to his fur on his chin under his mouth. Last time, I was able to get it out fine. This time, it took a patch of fur with it and he has a bald spot on his chin. He's acting totally normal. I have no idea what this is that he keeps getting stuck. In the picture it's the same stuff under his lips, but it was a big chunk hanging off his fur on his chin. I can't get the stuff under his lips off. Any ideas on what it is would be greatly appreciated.
It's hard to see, but it's a whiteish with a little yellow chunk of something that looks like dried up glue or something. It's only ever under his chin and it takes the fur out with it when I try to help him get it out.


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As gross as it sounds... could it be boar glue? That tends to dry pretty hard in a whitish, yellowish lump (nice!).
I have no idea I've never seen boar glue unless that's what this is...I was thinking that but it's weird it's always only on his chin? He is a male and his cage mate is a male as well.
oh dear yes sounds like it could be boar glue, someone posted a close up of it on their boars nose recently... naughty boys!
Lovely. Hopefully that's all it is. Maybe he is accidentally getting it on his chin when he curls up to eat his poop or something. What a naughty little piggy. :))

Boar glue is not at all uncommon to find on the nose; your boy is slightly more unusual with having it on the chin, but the description fits.
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