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Sores/scabs Found On Lilac

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Aug 26, 2014
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the white stuff in the second picture is neosporin, she was scratching at it but there aren't any fleas. i just discovered the sore in the second picture today the small scratches behind her ear maybe 3 or 4 days i figured she just scratched herself the wrong way.
also i live in Ohio i have looked for cavy vets all over the internet previous to this just in case , so i had a vet to go to if anything like this happened and i can't find any. i am so worried ):
I really do think she needs a vet, you can't treat skin issues on spec as if you treat for the wrong thing it could make it worse. This could be mange mites or some kind of fungal issue. Is there any vet near you that will even see a guinea pig? It may be worth asking on Guinea Lynx.
If you have ivermectin I would begin treatment for mites as a precautionary measure if you are unable to take straight to vets. But vets is always best if unsure! :)
Definitely a vets visit, could be fungal or mites. The vet will be able to prescribe the relevant treatment for your little one
I had a case of mange mites that looked very similar to this. Ivermectin will only work for on mites by injection, so you need to find a vet that will see a guinea pig. Take as much information with you as you can regarding mites and fungal so you can discuss with the vet. Let us know how you get on.
i found a vet, i am so worried. does anyone think this looks fatal? i am taking her regardless i am just so worried. i love her so much
Try not to panic, it is not fatal. The only way Mange mites or fungal issues can be fatal is if they are left untreated for a long time and cause the pig to scratch themselves so much that they have seizures. Your girl is nowhere near that stage yet. It's good that you have found a vet.
went and checked on Lilac today and the sores and scabs are gone :)) i think it was just an itch gone wrong . the neosporin worked. very excited
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