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Sow suddenly showing dominance behavior

Mo & Stubbins & Vani

Teenage Guinea Pig
May 27, 2020
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Hi! :)
Now that Stubbins has recovered, the piggies are trying extra hard to keep their slave on her toes!
For the entire night last night, Mo was chasing her siblings as well as rumble strutting. My other two were submissively squeaking and seemed stressed and uncomfortable. This continued until morning (I know this because they kept me up all night 😆).
This behavior has continued until morning. Mo has been keeping them from eating hay and bothering them while they drink. She keeps trying to mount them, but Stubbins and Vani kick her or run away squeaking.
Mo FINALLY fell asleep this morning so Stubbins and Vani could catch a break. Vani (my youngest piggy) is very adamant about sleeping and Mo definitely disrupted her nap schedule. She has just fallen asleep. Stubbins tried to wake her up just now, but Vani will not have anyone interrupt designated nap time (some squealing ensued).
Mo has always been the dominant piggy. She never bothers Stubbins but gets into the occasional "rumble match-off" with Vani. Stubbins has always been the mediator. The one who breaks up arguments and remind her sisters of what is really important in life--food.
Mo and Stubbins (about 11 months old)
Vani (about 9 months old)