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Spasms? Night Terror? Help!

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Apr 18, 2015
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My piggies Shelly had 2 episodes last night of what I would call a spasm? I've been looking into seizures and piggies and it doesn't look like that, but she could just be different than videos I've seen.

Shelly was sleeping in her favorite corner when she started jumping around, I thought she woke up and was popcorning. I looked over and noticed her back was bent towards the ground. The best way I could describe this islike an open paper back book. I freaked out thinking her back was broken so I ran over and after a few seconds she went back to normal rounded back. I called her name a few times and normally when I go to the cage she comes over to me, but runs away when you try and pet her. Shelly let me pick her up without running away. This is extremely abnormal for her. I petted her and held her for awhile and she just slept on me for a few minutes. I put her back in the cage with Pepper and Shelly went up to pepper and they like nuzzled each other then Shelly walked into her igloo. She was walking normally and I checked her back she made no noses for pain or anything like that. She slept in her igloo for about 10 minutes then came out and had another episode, exactly the same just slightly shorter. She again let me pick her up without running away and I held her for about 15 minutes. She was resting on me and covering her face. She then began chewing on nothing so I felt around her jawline and everything seem and felt fine no slobber or anything. I put her in the cage and held her up to the water. She drank a bit then went to the igloo. After a half hour she got up on the second level of her cage no problem, there is a small jump for my piggies Shelly has always loved it and done wonderfully with it. She got up no problem and ate some hay and drank water then laid down. I decided to close off the top level incase she had an episode in the middle of the night. I checked on her this morning and she was sleeping in the cuddle cup on the other side of the top level. I had to go to work and am having my mother watch her. My mom was checking on her and Shelly again let her pet her without running away or jumping away, again this isn't something she normally allows. She doesn't like to be petted unless she is in your lap. I know she should go to a vet, however I had to work 14 hours today and do not know where to take her. I do not have the funding also to just take her to the ER without finding some kind of advice first.

Please if you have any advice or prior experience with this I'm all ears. If she has any more episodes I will take her in right away. Please don't think I'm neglecting my piggies.

If anyone knows of a good vet in the Salem Oregon area that would also be helpful.
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