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Sporadic Cough On Otherwise Healthy Sow

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Sep 29, 2013
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Hi, (feel like I'm never away from here lately!) I have a 5 month old sow Harriet who appears in good health, eating/drinking/pooping as normal, popcorning around my floor Etc. Tonight when I was stroking her on my knee she seemed really content, she loves her chin being tickled, then all of a sudden she made a cough noise, Scared the life out of me. it was only once and I've never heard her do it before or whilst in her cage. Anyway, later when my partner picked her up and was stroking her, she did it again! She is a very happy excitable piggy but now I'm scared what on earth these noises are, is it worth a trip to the vet?
Did she do it when you tickled under her chin? Maybe it tickled her throat & caused her to cough. I would keep a close eye on her, listen out for her coughing again & weigh her regularly to monitor any weight loss. It could be a heart issue but hopefully unlikely at this stage. I'll tag @helen105281 for her opinion :)
No I was stroking her back, I weigh her every day (I have some new pups from her cage mate so the scales are out daily at the mo!) She is 4..5 months old and 683g. I hope she is ok :(
It can be a sign of a heart issue but usually follows a hooting noise in that case. I think this was just a random cough but I would monitor her and post again if it becomes a regular occurrence.
Thanks for replying, I've never heard the noise before in any of my pigs, I hope she's gunna be ok :(
A little update, the vet checked Harriet over today, she was happy with her and said not to be too concerned if an isolated incident. However, she did say my lil Harriet is a little on the "rotund" side! Ohhhhh dear :/
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