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Stinky Boars!

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Feb 6, 2015
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I'm using fleece, wrapped round newspaper) in Toffee & Biscuit's cage & change it daily but am noticing a distinct smell that never used to be there. I'm wondering if they are scenting - how do I know? Sounds a silly question but any advice appreciated
I recommend using towels instead of newspaper as they are more absorbent. Also, are you using two layers of fleece? That is important too. If you use towels then you can leave the towels and fleece for three days.
Hi. Thanks for replying. For the main part of cage floor I use an open newspaper, 4 sheets deep, & a single fleece in top, wrapped under the edges by 5 inches or so. Their bed area, where they poo the most, is a tray that I line with newspaper wrapped 2 to 3 times in fleece. I'm getting through so much washing as it is. Maybe they need their paws & underbelly freshener up lol.
I understand it does require more washing. I do find newspaper tends to smell and towels can be used but if you do not want more washing then that is a bit tricky.Maybe you could try puppy pads? I have heard other people use them with fleece.
I'm not too worried about the washing as the fleece does dry really quickly. I'll try towels - I need to tidy out my cupboard & am sure they'll be plenty that can be relegated to piggy beds Thanks
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