Stubbins found true love

Mo & Stubbins & Vani

Teenage Guinea Pig
May 27, 2020
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Last night, Stubbins was acting incredibly weird. She kept running to a certain corner of my room and wheeking non-stop. This behavior continued for about ten minutes. I got up to turn my air filter on (Stubbins was still wheeking), and I headed back to my bed without looking back. The wheeking suddenly came to a stop, which concerned me, so I turned around to see what was up. There was Stubbins, staring at my air purifier, pressing herself against the c and c grid that blocks the piggies from getting close to it. The fan rotates, and every time the purifier drifted away from Stubbins, she would start wheeking at the top of her lungs. She then stood up (resting her paws on the grid), and kept staring at the fan. I saw the little hairs on her head fly in the breeze.
So anyway, Stubbins, who has been sleeping a lot lately, found true love.