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Substrate For Large Hay Tray?

Danielle Smith

Teenage Guinea Pig
Jan 10, 2016
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Whitehaven, Cumbria
Hi all.

Each of my herds have a 2x2-sized (70x70cm) hay tray made of correx. I'm struggling as to what substrate to use, I'd like to hear what others have tried.

When I used cat litter trays, I filled these with wooden litter pellets, placed pieces of non-slip liner on the pellets (which let pee through but held poos on top for easy disposal), and put hay on top of that. When I changed the hay each day, it was just a case of roll up the liner (see below), shake out into the bin, and replace (washing every week). The pellets lasted about 2 weeks before they really began to smell and needed changing.


In this new larger hay tray I'm using Megazorb, but it's very difficult to spot-clean and I don't like that poos get mixed in -- at the moment it looks like I need to clean the whole tray out and start fresh each week, not what I want! It smells rather strongly too.

My piggies will eat puppy pads, so I can't line using those and replace each day.

I've tried using newspaper in the past, but I find it's always completely soaking at the end of the day (4-8 sheets thick). How thickly laid does it need to be to still have the bottom dry at the end of the day?

If I changed to Fitch, sawdust, or Finacard, I think I'd have the same issue I'm having with Megazorb regarding easy clean up.

Envirotiles or Kiwitiles (see below) seem to be an option; a harder-wearing version of the liner I used above -- I'd just take the hay out and hoover the poos, and have whatever substrate below the tiles. It's very tricky to find though...


Does anyone have any other ideas? I really want to keep these bigger hay areas as my piggies love them, but I am not a fan of substrate with nothing on top to separate the poos!
Why not keep using what you had in the smaller litter trays?

I use 32l underbed storage boxes as hay trays with hemp bedding and hay. I change them a couple of times a week and they are fine.

Most poos go on their mats under the beds where they chill between eating hay, grass and veg.

Oh just realised you want a way of separating the poos ...

Thats where fleece is so good but not for hay trays cos of the hay sticking to it ... Hope someone comes along with some good suggestions for you.