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Supa Guinea Pig Excel - Members Reviews

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Jan 23, 2006
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[color]Hi Evryboy,

I thought I woul mak a rviw pag for ach foo so thn popl can ra through ach rviw an can thn ci which is bst for thm.

n this thra plas only writ a rviw on what you think of th foo th topic is about an thn out of fiv stars ***** giv it th numbr you think it shoul gt. (5 stars bst)

Your rviw shoul look lik this....

"I think.... <writ your rviw>

*** (3 stars)"

If you woul lik to iscuss this particular foo or ask any qustions, plas start a nw thra or fin th approriat thra to post in.

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I think super guinea excel is very good! It is the 3rd food I have used and the piggies seem to enjoy it so much that their bowls always need topping up!

It worked out a bit cheaper if you buy it in the big bags and store it.

As it is nugget form the piggies cannot eat only the bits they like as they did with other brands.

It took me a week to introduce it but now they love it

I give it *****stars (5)
This product is good but my piggies dont like it.

I give it 3 stars ***
Supa Guinea Excel- was recommend by my vet at first none of my guineas took to it but after a few weeks they started to love it now i buy in bulk 10KG. The pellets mean your Piggy's get everything they need to lead healthy life's. Also if you think it to bland thats for veggies are for!
This food is hated by my piggies, they do feed selectively with and have selected not to eat it! Its too high in Protein for adult maintenance (Richardson) and is also not spoken very highly of by a vet that I know (say no more!). I've had this food donated and have tried without much success to get my piggies to eat it. It also contains something not recommended for pigs but I don't have the info to hand. At least it doesn't have colourings, I don't recommend it :(

* (1 star for having no colourings)
I give this one 4 stars. Betty, Boris and Babs are now on this rather than Wagg as Babs needed to go on a major diet and she seemed to be munching her way through heaps of dry food! They really like Supa Guinea and I am sure it is helping a bit with Babs' weight loss programme. Bertie and Beryl aren't so keen on this though so they are still on Wagg.

Alex x
Zubin had this when he was a baby as did Rudi but its reli exspensive to keep buying and it smells horrible and rudi never ate it so i give it ** (cos i no its gd 4 them)
I think its great!..its alot healither than guinea pig mix as that contains lots of stuff thats bad and fattening fo them!..But exel food contains lots of vitamins and protins wat are needed alot in a guinea pig diet!
***** :D
I'm currrently using this food on my two young piggies, and they love it! They dive into it as I am feeding it to them, and wait impatiently for it, so 4 stars for me!
Rosie's been on this for around two years now having previously been on GertyGuinea, she absolutely loves it, its always gone first out of anything I give them

I switched Razzle across to it from G.G as well and had no problems- he preferred Excel to the mix

So five stars here *****
All my 19 piggies are on it and have been for about 2 years they clear their bowls no problem. There were on Gerty before but started to select what they liked, so left most of the best mix behind.
Carol C
I think that this food is very good, 7 of mine are on this but 4 won't touch it. It is quite expensive but I don't mind paying that bit extra as I know it is good stuff. I like that they can't be selective so that I know that they are getting exactly what they need, especially the babies and the growing piggies.

So overall I would give it 5 stars *****

Rachel x
Verity said:
Zubin had this when he was a baby as did Rudi but its reli exspensive to keep buying and it smells horrible and rudi never ate it so i give it ** (cos i no its gd 4 them)

I feed my 2 on this and they love it, I was recommended it by experienced cavvy owners but wondered why a couple of people have mentioned "(cos i no its gd 4 them)" and comments that it contains some bad ingredients, as I am new to this is there anything I should know about excel ?

Thanks Jez
All my piggies have this excellent food.... they cannot be selective with this food and it has everything they need between me giving them their veggies, hay and "just grass" or "readigrass" (depends on what's available at the time I need to re-stock) and of course being out on the grass! The only other constant thing on offer is fresh water! They all seem to love their food and all have a great shine on their coats! I give it 5 stars ***** there is no waste.... but I would say that the larger bags certainly make it a better value feed.

I give this 5 stars *****

As well as being nutritious and all the same (ie no selective eating possible) - it is very good for mushing up with a bit of hot water to make a nice soup that can be blended and syringe fed when cool. (for teeth problems / weight issues etc)
5 whole stars *****
My lot LOVE it and hate me if i feed them a minute too late ::)
I have no problems what so ever with this food my piggies love it 5*****
******************************stars! my piggers love it the best food i have ever bought!
This stuff is great, the lads go mad at the sound of the bag rustling and then devour a bowl in under 10 mins. LOL
My piggies love it! They eat this mixed with Pets at Home nuggets (what they were already on) and always seem to eat this first. It's all one 'pellet' too so no selective eating :D 5 stars! *****
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