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suspected mites, what do i do?


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Apr 28, 2020
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This afternoon i noticed that Nut had a rather large scab on one side of her neck and the other side looks maybe like it has thinner hair and has some more although slightly less intense scabs, both the piggies have strange very small dots along each strand of fur, but Riley has no scabbing that i could feel or see. I have not noticed any unusual behaviour or really much scratch although i am not home often.
Does this sound like mites and what should i do?
if there id anyway to treat this without going to a vet that is best but any tips or information would really help, THANK YOU! <3


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Aug 2, 2018
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Piggies can get mites, lice or fungal infections - We can’t diagnose and without a picture we couldn’t even make any suggestions.

Either way, you cannot treat it without a vet. You or we can’t diagnose the problem, only a vet can do that so you have no idea what you are actually treating. Plus any treatment needs to be given on prescription. Any pet shop remedies which say they treat mites aren’t strong enough to actually effectively deal with it, risk resistance forming and making the problem much harder to treat.

Please take your piggy to a vet for the correct diagnosis and correct strength treatment.

This guide below explains the various fungal and parasite infections piggies can get
New guinea pigs: Sexing, vet checks&customer rights, URI, ringworm and parasites
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