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Syringe-feeding Linney :( Just A Question...

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Aug 15, 2010
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Linney, my 6-year-old sow, has been out of sorts the last week. As she has been on antibiotics over the past week with no improvement, I am now wondering about her teeth. She seems interested in food, but reluctant to eat it- she will approach the food, sniff it, lick it, nibble it, but seems reluctant or unable to actually get down to the business of eating it. I have booked her an appointment with my vet who does dentals if needed on Saturday morning (earliest I could get an appointment.) I have begun syringe-feeding Critical Care in the meantime to support her weight and energy.

Just a quick question in regards to syringe-feeding, since it has been awhile... how do I know when she has swallowed? When she stops chewing? I don't want to overload her or have her aspirate anything. Thanks in advance!
yes, if they're chewing then they're swallowing. it could be the antibiotics making her feel a bit 'off' aswell. maybe a probiotic would help? good luck for the vets. hopefully it isn't her teeth, but if it is, at least the dental can be done that day :)
I don't think it's the antibiotic, as she's been on it on and off quite a bit in the last six months or so and generally it does not affect her appetite at all (and she is much perkier on it than off if she has a low-grade infection, so I suspect it isn't that this time.) Poor girl. :(
My poor girl... I have a bad feeling that she may not be able to bounce back from this. She took the syringe feed and tried to chew it, but is drooling quite a bit and seemed to choke on the feeds, so I stopped because I didn't want her to aspirate. I'm going to call the vet to try to get an emergency appointment sooner, though I can't go in the next few hours or no one will be here to pick up the kids from school. She seems to have declined a lot even since this morning. I'm afraid I'm going to lose her. I know she's had a long life, and a good life, but it breaks my heart, as I love her so much, and the kids love her too. It's going to be hard on all of us if this is it. :(
I phoned back the vet and got her in for a more urgent assessment shortly (though the vet who does the dentals isn't in until tomorrow.) This isn't my favorite vet, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully I will have some more idea of what is the matter and if there's anything I can do for her by the time I get home. I'll update later on. My kids are very upset... we've had Linney for 6 years and she is very loved, so fingers crossed that there is some hope for treatment. Although she's an old one, she's a good one.
Oh Freela, so sorry to hear little Linney is struggling. I hope the vet can help - sending her lots of love and huge hugs to you. Please keep us updated, will try to check in through the night (UK time) for updates x x
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