Taking A Little Break

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Nov 10, 2009
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Hi guys n gals

You may notice I am going to be absent from the forum for the next few weeks. I just wanted to let you know I am taking a little step back and a break for a while from the forum.

My Dad died unexpectedly 4 weeks ago and it was his funeral last week. I am struggling at the moment and I have a coping mechanism of using things as a distraction to block things out, I did this with the funeral arrangements and I noticed the other night I was starting to do this with the forum, this is not healthy for me as I need to work through my grief and not deflect it by blocking it out - otherwise it is not going to be good for me, so I have made this difficult decision to take some time off.

I love the forum, it is such a huge part of my life and I am so lucky to be able to belong to such a wonderful place so this has been a difficult decision to make... I live and breath this place so it is hard to step back, I will honestly miss it and all of you even for the weeks I am intending to be away. When I return am expecting to have to go through around 25 pages of photos to :drool: over! :))

Please continue to help make our community the friendly place that the forum has been rebuilt into, I will need this place more than every when I return. Be your fantastic, friendly, helpful, welcoming selves and continue to be proud of our little corner of the internet.

I'll see you again soon....

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