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Talking The Piggy Out

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Mar 5, 2015
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Hi all,

I have my little piggy, Helmut, since late October. He just turned 6 months old. Everything is great with him. He lets me put the hand in the cage to clean it, feed him, pet him, no worries there. The only issue comes when I need to take him out of the cage, either to give him floor time, to clean the cage or to just pet him. He just keeps on hiding and running away. I manage by tricking him into going to his tunnel or fleece and taking them out with him in it, otherwise it is really a race... Is there something I should do better? I talk to him when I come to take him, he's fine even with my hand in the cage until he sees I aim to pick him. Is it just his personality? Or can I do something?

Picking up a guinea pig cuts very close to their prey animal instincts, so most piggies never come to like it. You could try to train him to come into a walk-in small cardboard box with some soft fresh hay inside to lure him in. Turn it into a ritual with using the same words and melodies each time and be generous with praise. You can either corner him with the box or chivvy him along with a gentle tap on the bum, like a piggy would get when moving in single file if he stops being cooperative.
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