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Taming & Dominance?

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Jul 20, 2014
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So i have 2 issues

Iv had my guinea pigs for quiet a few minths but they bite really hard and literally tug on your skin! I always wash my hands and always handle them but they always seem seem to be frightened but once they sit with me theyll chill but still bite!

My oldest piggie (1 year) will always try to bite/lick the younger ones (3 months) mouth and she'll kinda bite back and I'm not sure what it means but then sometimes one of them end up sqealing!
Most guinea pigs don't like being picked up; it cuts too close to their prey animal instincts. Could you train them with tiny bits of their favourite veg to come into a pick up conveyance like a tunnel, an upturned hidey or a lidded cardboard with a soft rag for sitting on?

Teach your boys in a quiet, but firm way what is acceptable and what not. Praise them lavishly for acceptable behaviour and be disappointed if they tweak. Shouting No! won't work. Some piggies tweak when they have had enough, need to go to the loo or simply to express displeasure.
You may find this thread here helpful: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk...stincts-and-speak-piggy-body-language.117031/

Squealing is either submission or protest, so I wouldn't worry.
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