The bundles!

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Jan 23, 2006
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When I can get them to sit still for a photo, I will post piccies!

We have 2 boys and 3 cute girls!

Titch and Topsy are boys
Turvy, Cutie and Squirt are the little girlies! :)

Topsy is already rumbling when he's drinking! He's getting his emotions confused with being content!

They will be 2 weeks old on Monday, and might be separating them on Sunday, which is the earliest any of my previous ones have been separated!

They all really surprised me! In the past with previous baby pigs, at least 2 days after they are born have they tried to eat and drink normally, whereas these ones started to munch and drink when they were only a couple of hours old!

I realise not all are the same! :)

Rattie is doing great and has her figure back already! Lucky thing! Is not bothered by any of them squeaking for her any more, cos she knows that they can fend for themselves now..

All are still drinking, not quite as much now, Rattie nudges them when they have had enough! lol

Kelly and piggies xx
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