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The Ever Butch

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Aww bless her! Rambo is forever getting mistaken for a boy, she's not even remotely girly so I can see why it happens :P must edit - **him
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Whoops even though you made it clear she is actually a he, I still called him a her!
You may not be pretty but you are ever so handsome......:luv: :nod:
Butch, Manly & ooooh soooo cute ;) :luv::wub: :love: :love: xx

oh & the Big Masculine lions mane.... ROAR! .....just looks sooo sweet too :drool: :luv: xx
Haha! He is so handsome. :love: My Bacon could never be mistaken for a lady, he is quite a large, manly piggy. :lol:
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