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Lady Kelly

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Jan 11, 2011
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So over the past week there have been a few developments and I have avoided posting about it until wheels were more in motion.

I only lost Bea in January and I didn't plan to replace her at all, mostly because she is completely irreplaceable. I wasn't even looking for a new piggy and haven't been paying too much attention to posts of pigs up for adoption but something stopped me on facebook when the RSPCA had a single girlie looking for a home, I don't know what it is about this pig, I can't say that her beauty was what stopped me (though the more I look at her the more I realise she is stunning) I suppose something felt right about her. So I made a brief enquiry... which turned into a Monday lunchtime telephone chat... and was concluded with a home check just this afternoon/evening.

As it happens I passed the home check and I actually feel so lifted with the lady's lovely comments about my current piggies, their home and my knowledge. I now just need to arrange collection of the little beauty which is going to be testing as its a bit of a trip and I don't drive which means waiting a week or so until my OH is home from working away so we can make the journey.

Obviously when she is here and settled in she will get her formal TGPF introduction with pigtures :))
Oh how was exciting! Huge congratulations, and how lovely that you are giving her a forever home :)!! Bet you can't wait!
Oh how was exciting! Huge congratulations, and how lovely that you are giving her a forever home :)! Bet you can't wait!

I really can't, my OH is in London overnight and I've been texting him about her all night... bless him... he's going to be sick of her before he's even met her :))
Aww, what lovely news! I wish I lived closer to be able to help you out, I'd be going spare if I had to wait that long! :)) Looking forward to the mandatory pigtures :drool:
Sooooooooooooo we should be able to pick up the lovely little girl this weekend! I am very excited and I think OH secretly is too. We were in a pub with his friend and he asked me to show the photo, then when he was at his parents overnight before flying overseas for work he asked me to email the photo over so he could show them. We have been together 3.5 years and I got Jemima (my youngest) a couple of months before I met him so this is our first "baby" together in a way which I think is why he is excited.
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