The Great Escape, Bokki pig on the loose!

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Well the naughty little fuzzy pig is in the bad books.

I was cleaning out Munchkin and he was in the run in the living room, i had just cleaned Bokki out and i put him backi in his cage on the floor but i didn't put the top bit on as he usually doesn't get out.

I turned my back for about a min to sort Munchkins cage out and i turned around and Bokki wasn't in his cage, i looked and hed got out of the cage and was running accross the carpet, well i managed to catch him but i wanted to know how hed done it so i grabbed the camera, put him back in his cage and hid near the door.

He climbed on top of his fiddlestick tunnel, jumped from his tunnel into the cuddle cup on the floor and ran around the living room. I have been in stitches is was so funny and hes never done this before.

Here he is in action.




Aww bless him! hes gorgeus! i just got another 2nd hand chest of drawers so harry and Zubin can see each other, though Harrys cage is right by my bed so i may have sneezes and its a squeeze getin in lol the things we do for them! x
Jan 23, 2006
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you would be surprised just how clever at climbing pigs are harvey managed to get into the next run in his shed by climbing on his fiddle stix and balancing on top of the grid and leaping in, one of my boys floo the first was determined to get into the girls run which was temperarily next to the boys he climbed onto an igloo balanced on a 1inch piece of wood walked round the run on it and lept about 2 ft next door, he did get llilac pregnant and we had 3 wonderful babies but i am more cautious now,
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