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The Nerves Of That Girl! >:(

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Jul 27, 2014
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Brisbane, OLD Australia
I was very shocked to find someone that had given the wrong information on a video so i just had to correct it. The question was if someone could take their pigs in a car for 1 to 2 and then again after a week. That girl just said "No!" so i had to go in and correct it..... me - "It is actually fine as long as you provide them with hay and vegetables. You may want to add a fleece blanket to the cat carrier your taking them in. Pigs can't throw up so they don't get car sick. You should think about what you say before you say it." then she said i was very rude because i included you should think about what you say before you say it. and then this is what i said back... me - "excuse me, I was not being rude. I was pointing out that you gave the wrong information. You have no idea about this topic so why even 'try' to help." and then i lost it! This is what she wrote back.... "OK. how would it of effected them? saying no would actually prevented them from getting ill or something. And i can try to help if i want to you dont need to being a anyoing little ....... saying i cant. so back off! Now leave and just keep your comments to yourself." and she also said.... "think of better comebacks too" What i don't understand is that this was not a battle she made it all dramatic by saying I was rude. I later then told her she was being an extremely rude little turd and that it's actually spelled annoying not anyoing. What i get back in reply..... "Peace out bully" I have no idea where she got the bully part from because from my experience that is not bullying. She made me so angry! >:( The nerves of that girl!
Some people get so touchy when you point out they are wrong but you were only trying to help so please do not worry about her.
Oh dear, I'd just laugh at her myself. I think it's better to be corrected if giving out wrong info and just apologise for getting it wrong
Well, don't feel bad at all. Its her fault if she can't handle a friendly correction. We are all humans and make mistakes, its nice if someone comes and helps us improve. She should learn that, her life will be better.
Rise above it, be the bigger person. At the end of the day she's the one making a food out of herself by acting like a child.
Yeah you deffo did the right thing in correcting her and she is just feeling silly cos she got it wrong and has gone on the attack! Please don't let this bad experience put you off correcting others as bad information is worse than no information. Well done for speaking up in the first place.
I found it very distressing a while back when I was looking for a video on giving meds to guinea pigs in a syringe and saw this awful video of a guy trying to demonstrate with his own piggy ... a few people pointed out what he was doing was quite wrong (it was so upsetting) but other people could have watched that and thought he knew what he was doing then copied at home! You have to be so careful.
Go you! I've got to the point where I'm virtually done with trying to 'educate' people and point out mistakes, people have there heads stuck far to high up there own bottoms to listen and adapt.

Do not feel bad, it seems these days a lot of people cry 'bully' for no actual reason - it's actually quite sickening.

Hope your okay :)
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