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There's Nothing More Ridiculous Looking...

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Adult Guinea Pig
Sep 8, 2014
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....than guinea pigs walking on laminate. What's even worse, is when they get a fright and try to run off and they do that kind of scarpering with their claws clacking but going nowhere fast...
I really miss having a few pigs marching in a row making a wee guinea pig train on the laminate, they were the best, lol.
Lol! Mine used to do that when we were kids :) I tend to use the bathroom as run around space now, and I find that the tile is a tiny bit more "grippy" lol
@Jennifer D haha, thats a much smarter idea! I just use my bedroom, and apart from the pigs looking like their auditioning Dancing on Ice, it's no fun sliding like a worm under the bed with a cloth to clean the poo and pee up afterwards, hahaha
Lol this made me remember an old dog. We got laminate put in when she was about 8ish and she couldn't ever walk on it, luckily it wasn't in every room. She looked like a cartoon building her speed before running to the next carpeted part of the house :P I don't have laminate in current place so can't see how piggies get on with it
Haha we put ours in the hall (on laminate) and their little feet desperately try to run off whenever the scary hoomans open a door into the hall. If they tried to move slowly they would have much more success!
LOL! This reminds me of fond memories when I put Gilbert in the kitchen floor which was laminate and two legs went spread and he flopped over. :))

I've never tried three out of my four on laminate but I wonder how they'd handle it.
Haha! Mine do this too! I always find their walk funny but it is always worse on laminate! lol
Hahaha! We have vinyl in the hallway but it's so funny watching them waddle along cautiously - the looks of concentration! :))
LOL! glad i'm not the only cruel one who think's its cute!
It's the way every time one of the back legs take a step forward, the opposite leg slips out behind them and they stand there scrutinising the scene sprawled out like a starfish all
"hmm, either I'm drunk, or your human, are a witch!............& as this seems to be the case, what kind of black magic is this?!"
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