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Things Are Going Super Well

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Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 23, 2014
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Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to update everyone on my little pig family. I read the bonding and behavior articles that are pinned on this site and I started doing a little more research on guinea pig body language, and I decided to go with my gut since Myrtle had already been quarantined from the adoption, I had put their cages side by side, and watched them, Esther started doing little popcorns and they kept sniffing each others noses so gently- so I decided to leave their cages like that for almost two days. Then I decided that they looked ready, I put them in the same place to see how it would go- and it was text book according to this site- they did their little dance- Esther was being a very good little submissive girl and Myrtle was firm but not aggresive at all- and now they are friends! already eating , sleeping and being sweet with each other, I saw Myrtle give Esther little licks! anyway- Thanks for your support so far everyone :) I have a photo that isn't the BEST quality but even if I go above Myrtle's head a little bit she freaks

What lovely ladies. Glad to hear things have gone well :)
Aww, that is wonderful news. I'm so happy for them and you too.
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