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Things You Say To Your Piggies

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Jul 27, 2013
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Swansea, South Wales
I realise from time to time that I always talk to my piggies and that its nearly always the same thing! When I go to say hi to them its 'hello pigpigs!'. And when its time to brush the girls I have to talk to them the whole time while going into the cage to get them which is usually variations of 'hello girlies, you having a brushie?' Which makes me laugh when I catch myself saying it :))

What silly things do you say to your piggies?
I'm going to enjoy this thread. Whenever I pass I always talk to them and they squeak back at me which I love. It can be along the lines of
"Hello piggies"
"Hello my beautifuls"
"Oh you're so sweet"
"Oh I love you"
"Oh you can have your veggies soon, do you want you want your veggies"
"Do you want to come out for cuddles (or to run around)"
Why I ask I have no idea as I know they won't answer lol.
When my abyssinian Monty was still a baby I would also constantly say to him 'oooh you're so CUTE' in his face - surprised I never got a bap across the nose for that. Would have annoyed me after the hundredth if I were him!
The youngest pig I have is named Vixen but I think it's quite funny that I rarely call her by name and simply refer to her as "baby pig" :) lol! Then I start singing something like ricky ticky tavi because apparently I feel like that rhymes with Tica? Hahaha
Oh i talk to the guinea pigs alright, but i also talk to myself :doh:

Here's one I has with myself today -
"Oh my goodness, i just caught a Gizi. Is that even possible? No! I must be dreaming, in a zoo on the loo."

Haha i'm very obnoxious!

To my pigs I say -
"Gizi, your still a little baby! MINE!"
"Honey your my bunny! Bunny my Honey!"
"Morning. Gorgeouses! Wait a minute, I have to poop, patrol first, get off your high horse Lola!"

Sometimes it might change to this is Lola is getting inpatient!
"Arrrrgh, sometimes I wonder if you're a lion Lola, arrrgh"
My gf says constantly "well hiya my little fatty bum!" And sings sir mix a lot's "baby got back" to her. Worried she's gunna give Luna a weight complex the wee soul!
As soon as my boys start wheeking, I usually say something along the lines of:
"Oh, I know! I'm so horrible, I hardly ever feed you!"
"Oh, I think my boys need a carrot.."
Me, this morning: "Anyone for a spout breakfast?"

UNBELIEVABLY the answer seemed to be a resounding yes. PUKE!
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