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Timid Piggy Loves To Hide In The Bend Of My Arm, And Gently Squeaks?

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Ruby Inferno

Teenage Guinea Pig
Sep 18, 2014
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England, UK
One of my piggies, Doughnut (in avatar, though he's grown since that picture was taken, he's a lot bigger now), absolutely loves cuddles, his favourite thing seems to be hiding, especially in the bend of my arm! He also seems to enjoy hiding in the hood of my hoodie, it's the cutest thing ever. :)

Do any of your piggies do this? Doughnut has loved hiding since day one, I got him when he was two months old and even then he always hid his head in my arm.

Also when he's hiding in my arm/hood, he starts squeaking. It's not really a high pitched squeak, I'm not sure how to describe it exactly, it sounds like a relaxed happy squeak. Any other piggies do this too?

Doughnut is a rex hybrid of some sort, so he's a bit bigger than most other piggies. He's like a big teddy bear; big, cuddly, and fluffy! :drool: He enjoys chin rubs and it's lovely to look at the gorgeous fluffiness under his chin.
Yep, he is the most adorable thing ever. :love: In fact, if I hold my arm up to him while someone else is cuddling him, he will immediately run straight for my arm and hide. :drool:
My gp does the same I pick him up and he runs straight to my shoulder and hides in my hair or he likes to snuggle under my chin lol
Cute! I love when my pigs 'chat' when I pat them. It's a happy, relaxing sound! :)
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