To Alphonse and Everyone Here - Thank You

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Jan 16, 2011
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It's been 2 weeks since we lost our baby. I miss him so very much and he will always be remembered as the bright little star he was, his inquisitive nature and the lovely noises he used to make when we were around. He was loved by everyone who knew him and was always there when I needed a listening ear, along with his cage-mate Patch.

We recently adopted 2 young pups, named Hope and Gizmo. They are wonderful creatures and are doing Patch the world of good. Hope, my pink eyed white, is so sweet and there are things that he does that remind me so much of Alphonse when he was at that age, and those things really make me smile. My heart is healing at last and I know that Alphonse knew what I chose to do for him was the biggest and most caring thing I could have done, as it would have been wrong of me to have let him suffer the way he was. I set him free from the pain in the ultimate gesture of love, and I know he would be proud of me today, and every other day when things go wrong, I pick myself up and get moving again.

I wanted to post here as a way of celebrating the life of a beloved pet, and thank everyone here for the support and kindness you have all given me over the time I have used this forum. The friends I have made, and the people who have really touched my life in a way that their mark will always stay in my heart.

When I was sick and in hospital last week in what was one of my worst and most scarier attacks to date, it was the support of you all that got me through all of this. The emotional stress of grief and the fact I never allowed myself to feel things because I was scared of what that would mean for those around me. It all caught up to me in the end and it opened my eyes and made me realise something about everything. We all have angels who watch over us, and Alphonse is now among them.

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