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Travel Case

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Jan 2, 2015
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Coulsdon, Surrey
Hello. I've decided last minute to take my piggies with me when I visit my parents tomorrow. The journey is about 3 hours. The problem is I only have the cardboard carry case I was given when I first got them. It closes at the top and has air holes. If I line the bottom with a puppy pad and absolutely fill it with hay will it be ok for that length of time?
Is there no way of picking up like.. A cat carrier on the way?! Then do a swap?
That's a lot of time. I think the cardboard carry case is OK if it's a last minute travel, but if you have time and money to buy a travel cage, that would be nice.
I think it's OK, just make sure they won't be nervous or something with the noises. And maybe carry some water too?
It is OK for an emergency, but I would strongly recommend that you line the bottom, as cardboard is not intented to withstand lots of pees.
For a journey that long itd be probably be better to have have them in a cat carrier, you'd probably have to attach water to the carrier too for that amount of time?
I will do wiebke thank you. Will definitely get a cat carrier for way back. The good news is that by taking them with me they can live inside in their spacious pen instead of my boyfriend feeding them in their hutch. He wouldn't bring them in fir floor time so hopefully it will be worth it. Thanks everyone - will take all the advice.
When I had to trNsport my Roddy to the vets and I didn't have a carrier I used a big plastic storage box and covered with a towel/bed sheet (can't remember now) and held it there and back.
I had to transport two piggies before I had a carrier so I used a plastic storage box. You could even drill holes for a bottle to hang on . Wouldn't leave them three hours without water.
It was a very successful journey thanks everyone. Plenty of hay and lots of water filled veg to keep them happy. My guinea pigs go days without drinking from their bottle so I made sure I had cucumber and lettuce freshly washed. Have had a look at carriers for the way back, but the ones I can see in the shops for guineas/rabbits are smaller than the cardboard carrier. Perhaps I need to look for cat ones, but then worries about it being too big and they might slide about.
Is it better to buy one large case or two small ones so my pigs are separate? Even the 'large' size- 36x26cm doesn't seem very big to me.
I'd strongly recommend a top loading cat carrier if you can find one (watch thr back legs when you load them as they put the anchors on) and of course that cucumber for liquid. I travel with mine and have tried the water bottle but it just empties out with the vibrations. I use newspaper and lots of hay in the bottom. Don't forget to put their seatbelt on. :-). Failing that, train the boyfriend for future trips :D. Enjoy your trip. Xx
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