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Two New Additions, Two Different Pairs

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Dec 27, 2013
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Hello everyone!

I have not been on these site for ages, which is silly, as you guys are always on hand for great advice and I'm never made to feel stupid!

I still have my two boars - Dylan and Mouse. Dylan is approx 9 (!) years old and Mouse is just over 1.

Mouse is a very bouncy pig, often seen doing zoomies or popcorning if I walk in the room. Dylan is a little more laid back, as you can imagine, he's a very elderly gentleman! Dylan started to lose weight, I'm not sure if it was the stress of living with a young often bossy boar or that he might not be getting enough pellets or veg...I ummed and aaahed for a while but eventually decided the best thing would be to separate and find pigs most suited to their personalities (I hope this was the right thing to do!). They have been separated for over a week now and Dylan is looking great.

The wonderful ladies at my local resue suggested a laid back baby for Dylan and another more outgoing baby for Mouse. Dylan and his new baby friend - no names yet! - have instantly become friends, Mouse and his new baby friend are working out who's the boss at the moment, although I'm confident they'll be friends!

That's all I wanted to put really...I hope I've done the right thing by my boys!
Hi and welcome back!

At 9 years old, Dylan is a real Methusalem; I am sure that he'll enjoy a laid back baby much more. All the best for Mouse and his new friend. You can find information at the top of our behaviour section or open a thread if you wish to.
Thank you both! I've just been reading the bonding sections :)
Hope it continues to go well. I love the name Mouse. I can just imagine him jumping around everywhere!
What a wonderful idea to get them both their own friend. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.
Wow, a 9 year old piggy! Thats is great. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of them.
Hope it continues to go well. I love the name Mouse. I can just imagine him jumping around everywhere!

I called him Mouse because when I first got him he could fit through the bars of a c&c grid! He's huge now!

I'm trying to upload some photos to photo bucket but for some reason my most recent ones aren't coming up to be able to upload - I'm using my iPhone so that's probably the problem!
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