ugh i hate my new fleece cage liner


Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 7, 2020
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i had bought 2 guinea dad liners and LOVE then. i found one very similar on amazon. it was 3 layers absorbant cotton lnside. it had a fleece pocket with 3 large holes the the guinea pigs could crawl through. and it was half the price of guinea dad.

so i bought one and found out why . despite saying it fits midwest cages perfectly, it didnt. it was too small. pee and poop got underneath it. i had to take my cage apart to clean the bottom canvas. the pocket was thin fabric and the girls didnt like the holes. they were spaced so that they couldnt find a fully covered spot.

so disappointing. I'm waiting for it to dry so i can send it back i really only wanted a 3rd liner to balance my washing machine anyway.