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Ultrasound Price

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Jul 22, 2011
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
I visited a new vet today with my 2 sows just for a check up and to put my mind at rest. Daisy had been a bit hormonal so I was worried about possible ovarian cysts but the vet said he 'certainly couldn't feel anything' and that if I felt her bahaviour was getting worse she would need an ultrasound. (Her behaviour has actually died down the past couple of days so I'm not too worried). He said an ultrasound would cost £75. Is this a reasonable price? As when my piggy Honey who sadly passed last year got an ultrasound from a different vet practice it was only £30. Obviously I would be willing to pay whatever it costs but just thought that was quite a difference between practices.
Moving this to Guinea Pig chat for you, it should get more views there. Think we paid around £35
Yikes! £75! Mine was included in the consultation fee I think.
My vets are not an exotics vets & the vet said she hadn't ultrasounded a piggy before. Years ago I had a suspected pregnant girly &she was ultrasounded too. Dont remember it being much price wise.
It only involved a little hair clipping on the site to be done &some gel.
I held Ellie &could see everything on the screen :)
Found an ovarian cyst this way.
Think I would ask for a price breakdown on why so expensive- took less than 5mins with Ellie &completely conscious throughout :)
Could another vet scan her &send on the findings? Or would that upset the apple cart?
Good luck
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