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urgent - loss of appetite

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I would welcome some advice pls. One of my pigs didnt eat much on Sunday, and on Monday evening his back legs were paralysed and he was leaning to one side. The vet said could be arthritis and he gave an anti imflamatory drug, plus an antibiotic (plus a mite treatment, and a claw trim). The next day he was moving normally, but still not eating - maybe half a tomato the whole day. I took him back to see the vet last night and he repeated the antibiotic, but this morning he is huddled up, wont even take a sip of water. He is about 5 years old. I wash their veg thoroughly, and change his pellet food and water daily. Dont know what to do next? Any ideas what it could be and what I should do? Very worried about him
Ring Vedra at the Cambridge Cavy trust and see what she says. her number is 07721 026401. She will help you. let it ring for a long time if she doesnt answer send a text and mark as urgent. remember when replying to texts from Vedra but your name at the top so she knows she time. If not go straight back to your vets.
could well be his teeth. Have you weighed him? This is a serious problem and I had it with one of mine. Please go back to the vet and ask him to check the back teeth - they mey have grown into the cheek and need cutting. Also try syringe feeding recovery food. Lots of lgood luck and please let us know what happens.
It's important to get him eating. If he waits too long to eat (or doesn't eat enough hay apparently) his tummy will stop working properly. My vet says it's very hard to turn things around once that happens. I'm dealing with that problem with one of mine right now and it's not easy. If you have Critical Care, I'd start force feeding that right away. If not, I'd powder some of his pellets, mix them with a bit of water and force feed those. That said, I agree with Lucinda and think it could possibly be a teeth issue and would suggest getting those checked too. Also, are you certain he's getting enough Vitamin C? When I got my Solomon he was suffering from scurvy and his body went limp a couple days after he came home. Lots of oranges fixed it. Not enough calcium can do that too. I'm sure missing a different vitamin might cause paralysis too. If it's not his teeth (which can cause malnutrition of course from not eating), you made need to watch closely everything he does eat once he starts eating again. He may have picked up a bad habit and isn't eating something he should be. Please keep us posted.

He had it on way back from vets both times, but I think that was fear, as he isnt used to being handled.
I inherited him and his friend two months ago, and I understand that because he used to get so stressed when the original owner tried to pick him up or even stroke him, he decided it was best not to do so. There isnt any in the hutch.
Poor darling. But if he has diarrhoea it could well be because he can't chew properly and digest food. My darling Dr Atkins had this and lost over half his body weight in a couple of weeks. From Christmas until the end of Feb he was only on recovery food and fruit smoothie (through a syringe). Darling Dr died on 28th Feb. I can't urge you strongly enough to keep on at your vet to check the teeth.
oooh poor little mite try metatone thats got all the vits in they need, but it could be teeth (thats the obvious one) but at his age to be honest it could be anything, keep on asking questions and suggesting things to your vet, I find if you look as if you know a lot about them they tend to treat you as if you are one of them, I've got it tomorrow with Floo at the vets, good luck to you both
when Dr was so ill he didn't really move at all, but was very hunched and miserable.
I'm so sorry for you Lucinda, and for Dr Atkins, they don't deserve to suffer do they, they are such sweet little things.

Rodders is hunched up in the corner of the hutch, and he shakes a little bit every now and then. The vet is going to call me as soon as she gets a gap in the surgery.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

What is Critical Care?
Similar to what I call recovery food. It is a nutritious food that you can feed through a syringe. Ask your vet for some.
You could also ask for a vitamin B12 injection to stimulate appetite, but please mention teeth first.
Have you tried some fresh hand picked grass. When my piggy stopped eating and had temporary anoerixa she was given grass to get her eating and it worked.
The vet has just called me, she said that the teeth all look normal, and no sign of problems. I asked if it could be gas, but she said his tummy felt normal. She has suggested feeding veggie baby food thru a syringe, meanwhile she will order some recovery food to collect tomorrow. She also suggested bringing him in, to go on a drip if he's dehydrated. So might try the syringed baby food , offer some washed fresh grass from the garden and see how he responds, failing that will take him in later for the night, although I know he is going to be very frightened.

Thank you all so much for your quick responses. I will certainly let you know what happens, and I wish you all the best with your piggies. (Hope Floo gets on ok)
Oh I hope things work out for you. It is terrifying when a piggie is ill. I would still ask for that vit B12 injection. It did help Dr a little on one occasion.
Also syringe water too. keep us posted.

did you call Vedra at CCT. She might know. Also how good is your vets with piggies?
The Practice is on the web as being experts with guinea pigs. Yes, will syringe water, good idea. Much better than putting him thru the trauma of a drip at the vets. Havent called Vedra yet, going to as soon as I leave work.
Will keep you all posted, and thanks again everyone, you are all very kind people.
Not a problem. just keep us posted as we will all worry about him.

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