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Urinary Support

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Steph linden

Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 15, 2015
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Iowa, USA
Does giving your guinea piggies the oxbow urinary support treats really help? Opinions? Thank you as I am a New Guinea pig owner. Also any other tips on care will be greatly appreciated.
Not sure what sort of urinary support you are after, have your piggies had UTI's/renal problems or are you more looking to prevent any problems?
Hi and welcome!

Have you got a guinea pig with urinary tract or kidney problems?

If not, I wouldn't recommend to use it unless necessary. Your piggies should be fine on a balanced diet with plenty of vitamin C, a measured amount of pellets and filtered water for high calcium/mineral water areas like we recommend; that usually takes care of the controllable nutritional side. Be careful in accustoming your guinea pigs to the outdoors, especially lawn time, which is the greatest danger for coming down with a UTI in spring and autumn. A good general diet with only low to medium calcium veg goes quite a long way in preventing any urinary tract problems; the veg and herbs listed under "daily veg" in our diet thread in themselves are a suitable balanced diet for guinea pigs with bladder problems.

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Prevent it. I found my orange and white guinea pig in a dumpster about 6 months ago he had matted eyes and a cut behind his shoulder and a puncture under his chin. Took him to the vet right away and he is now healthy and all healed up but I want him to have the best chances since he got such a horrible start. And our vet is really not a guinea pig vet but she tried her best. Thank you.
Oh bless him, I'm so glad he was lucky enough for you to find him. I would reiterate what Wiebke says and just focus on a healthy diet. Fresh veg especially those with vit c in should help him maintain health.
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