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Aug 2, 2018
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It’s not gritty, and also it stinks! How long would it take to get back to normal?
Yellow and cloudy is normal.
If they get too much calcium, they excrete the excess through their urine.
However, piggies need pellets to be kept limited to one tablespoon per day, their drinking water filtered to reduce calcium intake, and high calcium veg kept limited to once a week, then that reduces the risk of bladder stones forming. I’d their pee feels gritty when it’s dried then they are at risk of bladder problems, need to see a vet and their diet modifying.

If fresh urine really smells bad, then you ought to take them for a check up in case it’s the start of a urinary problem.
If it is older urine which you are smelling then perhaps the bedding you are using isn’t absorbing well enough.