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Maisy and Poppy

Adult Guinea Pig
Dec 8, 2014
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Surrey, UK
We might keep the piggys inside in a c and c but can the cage be next to a radiator or can the cage be above a radiator on a stand? As I have learnt from GuineaPigEmily's thread c and c cages can be in a shed but I have never seen any things to keep them warm? Is a shed enough with only snugglesafe heat pads and a heater? Any good heaters? How do they work?
I hope @BossHogg can help!
I can't help you when it comes to heating for the shed, but the C&C near a radiator should be alright as long as you can keep an eye on whether the piggies are getting too warm or not. make sure it's enough distance away that they can't touch with their nose through the bars and make sure the grids don't touch the radiator as they will heat up too. Mine used to be next to a radiator, I didn't find any problems as long as they couldn't touch the radiator and had enough space in the cage to move away from the warmth if they needed to :).
My oil filled radiator is on next to the piggies sleeping section of their hutch, they can feel the heat through the wall of the hutch but they cant touch it. If they get too warm, they can go in the day section at the far end of the hutch. :tu:
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