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Very Sad News!

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Jul 30, 2006
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Little Misty came to TEAS many months ago, initially on her own, and was then joined by her sisters, Amber and Ruby. Misty had a very severe abscess and dental issues, and her sister Amber had a retrobulbar abscess. Although sadly Amber lost her eye, she was able to return home with their other sister, Ruby, and their new friend, Baloo, a neutered boar. Misty was unable to return due to her ongoing dental issues but joined Babble, Amber and neutered boar, Simon, and was very happy with her new family, enjoying a very close bond with Babble. Although she had severe dental disease, Misty was full of life and very cheeky. This morning she immediately tucked into her softened nuggets, but by lunchtime her breathing was deteriorating. Misty passed away very quickly and peacefully whilst being examined by Simon, this afternoon. Babble spent time with her friend, saying her goodbyes. It was all very, very sad. Sleep well Misty, you were such a trooper and fought so hard. I am going to miss you very much, and I know Babble, Autumn and Simon will too. Sending much love and hugs to Gemma and family x
So sad. I would just like to say on behalf of all the piggy's you've helped and cared for Thank you. You make this world a brighter place xx
Such sad news, night night Misty. Hope Babble and her friends are ok.

You have given Misty so much more time and a happy life. But it doesn't take away from the pain of the loss. I hope that Babble is OK?
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